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Tactical Shooting Action : defend your battle ship using auto firing laser, shield sucking trap, a massive death beam and a powerful all in nova blast through 18 levels. Find and reach the galaxy exit to win the game!


mouse : laser
mouse left click : death beam

X : shield sucking trap
Z : nova blast
S : toggle sound
SPACE : pause & contextual help


- Explore & fight in a 21 solar system galaxy to discover 12 weapon add-on, save 6 human colony & find the space gate to win the game.
- Normal & Hard difficulty mode
- Intro and in-game tutorial
- Battle and upgrade your ship up to level 18
- 4 branches weapon statistic upgrade tree
- 12 weapon add-on to discover & activate
- 16 differents enemy
- Save 6 human colony
- Unlock 21 achievements (auto saved)
- Leaderboards

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similar issues

The game is definitely a fresh take on the defensive genre, and i enjoy the mix of RPG and Scavenger element in it, cept i encountered two glitches, the first as previously mentioned, i'm on the map screen when suddenly it slapped the 'all humans are dead - game over' screen on me, unless the last fork you take is a life and death scenario that needs too be adressed, the second is when i actually ligitimatly died, it just slapped a blank screen on me, it's great, it just needs those two issues fixed then i would have no real complaints

YespunkGame responds:

Thanks for your comments (everyone =) ! I'll have a look to fix these issues (game over suddenly happening, blank end screen). Cheers!

Excellent Game

It's a well designed game that's fun to play and is pleasantly challenging.
I did encounter a problem though. I took a brake to go take care of some business for a few minutes and when I came back the game said I lost and all the humans are dead. I was in the level selection area so that is quite odd and might be something you'd like to address. Otherwise it's a great game.

Good game.

It was good, as far as defensive games go. The upgrade system was nice, the gameplay was fast-paced, but the only problem I saw was no way to pause the game in the middle of a battle. I never beat the game because I am always being called away by my family. Add a pause feature and it would be perfect with me!

YespunkGame responds:

Thanks for your review! You can pause the game during a battle, just press SPACE. Cheers!


great gameplay, love the upgrade system, and overall i really think you did well. the only serious problem i see is no continue.

Fun little game.

Was a fun game, my only comment is I had 1.5 million or so people left, went to do another mission and all of a suddenn it was game over. Maybe I just didnt understand the game or maybe it was a bug.

Credits & Info

4.59 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2011
11:32 AM EST