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Sawblade Vs Twister

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Author Comments

Enjoy a battle between two gladiators.

Bg Music: CastleVania
Sounds: FlashKit.com
Art and Animation: Tox

Special thanx to Nikx and Jinah.

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Good, but a little short

This piece does look excellent, despite the rather unorthodox (unoriginal) drawing style to animate with. The buildup was excellent and it looked good for the fight to start with. Sadly, since the fight lasted a few seconds, it made me thing that we had been slightly conned with the buildup being so long, for a fight to end so acrimoniously (See also Audley Harrison Vs David Haye for more info)

With the scenes where you were showing blurs behind the characters, consider working on those a little more, giving yourself a little more work that shows the blurs moving one way or the other, don't have them bouncing between two points, as if you had them streaming from left to right, the character gives the impression that he is running right to left.

When the one character emerged from the shadows, perhaps consider some other tactic, as he's not emerging from water. Yes, the light only reaching in so far is great, but I'm not sure it would look like that. Fade him in a little quicker, as he walks towards the light and it should look much better.

[Review Request Club]

Quite Excellent

hey ToxicAcid,

The art is middling to good, most animations very smooth and nice, with potent realism. The epicness of the battle is entailed by the enormous introduction compared with the piddly-length fight scene. In usual fight flashes, the fight is supposed to last at least 10x the duration of the intro, and even then people beg for more. Sure, have an intro, but don't let it drown your piece.

The characterisation of the two people was unique and different for each one. The two were mainly identified by their respective weapons: one gladiator has a sawblade, or what looks like Auron's blade in Final Fantasy; and the other has a 'twister', some deadly boomerang slicing thing. The battle that ensues after the build-up is tight and compact, with a lot of style. This flash grasps your attention span from the beginning to beyond. Now make it longer.

The idea behind this to make two gladiators fight in the ring is not a terribly original one, but most stick movies aren't supposed to have much of a plot anyway. It was just starting to look good and then the credits came up, ensuing in the perfect "WTF!" moment.

The art style is generally well used, even if it doesn't have excessive amounts of detail, it serves the purpose of the flash. The music was epic but had elements of cheesiness in an all-out brawl that lacked subtlety. What we liked about, for example, the SHOCK series is that the stick figure hero has a lot of wit and quick thinking that we struggle to keep up with. That makes that 'wow' factor.

Overall, unlike SCTE3, I'm a fan of stick fights, if made well. They demonstrate good animation ability without having to be an artistic Van Gogh. :) What I would recommend are two things: the first is obviously the length, to make the fight scene at least 10x longer; the second is to incorporate a storyline and plot to form a backstory behind these characters. That's one thing that most stick fights lack.

Thanks for letting me watch.

--Production-- = 16/20
--Watchability-- = 16/20
--Genius-- = 15/20
--Flair-- = 16/20
--Tilt-- = 15/20
VERDICT: Quite Excellent! [A-]



Not too bad.

The intro was longer than the actual fight. It wasn't that smooth, but I expected there to be more for a rating. Keep on animating and you will get better. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to more.


Fun and well made, but lacking.

My only complaints are that the art is unoriginal and weak, but the animation and cinematic elements are really good, and the art doesn't suck, it's just that it looks like you didn't care about it. Also, there's a lot of build up for a 4 second fight, and the fight was starting to get good too, I would have loved to see more actual action interspersed with dramatic moments of them running, the sideways glances, etc. etc.

Keep rolling, I'd love to see more!


A bit short

but an awful good time!

Credits & Info

4.16 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2011
12:41 PM EST