Hangman for young kids

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This is my first Flash game and is written in Flash Pro CS4/AS3. I used my daughters' voices for the button roll-overs. They are 3 and 6 years old and their unusual names are also included in the game word list. This game is mainly for my education but I thought I might as well put it out there for others to see. Especially since there isn't a hangman game for little ones.

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Pretty good!

While the voices on the rollover do get kind of annoying its a really cute game! It's nice to see something pure on Newgrounds.

sure, i guess....

The voices got a little annoying when you couldnt roll over a letter without a little girl singing it to you, as if someone who would play hangman wouldnt know their alphabet.....
great! a fun game for eight year olds, but how many eight year olds do you know on newgrounds?

And i always thought that using names in hangman was against the rules!!!
But heck, you were just making a game of hangman, and you did, so 9/10!! 4/5 (one point off because you used names)

A valiant effort

I understand and recognize the lack of traditional games in favor of original adventures, and I know this was designed for kids, but I would have liked more topics, i.e. school supplies or clothing. On another note, I did find the hangman animation to be fairly disturbing for a children-targeted game, considering this mimics a real hanging. Otherwise, this game is fairly fun, and your children are cute.

I think

that kids shouldn't be playing games where you get hung for failing. It is just so...morbid.

I liked the voices.

Okay, I guess

It's nice to see something like this that's kid friendly and, well, that's all I got. Nothing seems to be too unique or interesting for this game. I guess I would have to be a young kid to fully appreciate this.

P.S. Hangman isn't necessarily that kid friendly. I mean just look at the name. Not exactly a nice child's game. Just saying. And I do find it neat that you had your daughters voice the sound FX.

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3.30 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2011
7:03 PM EST
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