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I had alot of fun making this, hope you enjoy.

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MichaelDragoRDGEASGERGADFVAWEFRBVREWG ain't a dragon. He's a fuckin pickle from Down Unda! XD

As a follower of the BLACKBusterCritic, I completely get it. As far as Michaeldragon800 and Sonicfaggotry go, this is pretty spot on. The only complaint I have with this is that the animation looks a bit rough.

id love to see one of guptil89.

People here dont get it

It was funny when i watched it on youtube but people here dont get any of the jokes

Too bad the people here don't get it.

This is actually really funny if you know what the jokes are referencing (YouTube SonicFans). It would be better if you got a mic of higher quality, but your imitation of MichaelDragon's voice was spot-on. The animation was also pretty decent.