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Ostrich, Hippo and Jesus on Grass: Tha After Skool Special - Part 3

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Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass: Tha After Skool Special - Part 3
It seems as though everyone in the world is getting married, so why shouldn't some of the finest residents on grass join in on the fun? Find out who is getting hitched and what jaw-dropping betrayals unfold in a special three part mini-series you'll have to see to believe.

Welcome to the bizarre and twisted mind of Ryan Wells, creator of "Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass". Born in 2003, the comic series started out as a joke making fun of kids' drawings and spawned into a full-length animated film (2004), online video game (2003), after school special (2010), Christmas special (2010), and merchandise.

"Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass" follows the lives of three friends who spend their time standing in the grass doing nothing. See the gang take on taboo subjects from race to religion to disease along side their pals The Basket, Bobo the Alligator, and The Grand Wizard. Join them in an adventure that is sure to bring out the kid in everyone!

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I make an effort to understand all forms of comedy, I did not need to use any of that effort with this animation, for child like graphics it is sort of dark. I could have tried flagging this and saying "THIS IS AN AFRONT TO THE LORD!!! HOW DARE YOU"!!! No, That would be idiotic and a waste of my time. Twisted get a sense of humour rocky dennis(lol), Overall it was decent and there was an effort put in, so I think my rating fits accordingly. I might have listened to rowland if he did not spell the majority of his words incorrectly or made more sense.


So I thought I would wait until the end of the three part to comment. I agree that it does take a certain sense of humor to appreciate Ostrich, Hippo & Jesus on Grass, but fortunately for me I have that. There was something about these toons (and after watching more on youtube) that just seemed brilliant. Great dark humor paired with a bizarre childish backdrop. I really think you should post more of these to newgrounds (for those too lazy to enjoy them elsewhere). Or at least add any new episodes to newgrounds to keep it going.

9/10 5/5 Keep up the funny stuff.

Oh.. and in response to Twisted XP, I really don't think most people will find it offensive.

And in response to rowwlands comment " its not very polite and fair to say that all gay pple are gay, " All gay people are in fact gay. Just like all women are women. And actually there are many people who think being gay means hell, the biblical implications are something most anti-gay people use as an argument. Think satire. And speaking of thinking, your entire comment string is poorly written and ill conceived. Seriously man, think first. Then write. *laughs*


I loved the hooker boots, but most people are gunna find this offensive.


i dont like your humor but thats my fault

throughout the grafics arent very well
and your style of humor is just weird and its not very polite and fair
to say that all gay pple are gay, also you try being funny by saying gays go to hell
and then that piece with jesus

serious mann first think then make