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LL - Surprise!

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Made for the Lock Legions biweekly contest. Enjoy!

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I would say that this was a good cartoon. I admit that it was a bit too short. Of course, you do say it was for a biweekly contest. The animation is actually quite good. I like how it is a pretty funny joke. I guess we know he's a good dad after all. The music's pretty good too.

I would like to see a pregnant lock. Of all the stuff you guys have worked on, I've never seen that. I don't know much about female locks in general. I guess the voices just all seem masculine.


Cute baby (yea I know its horrible he was made via rape but it was cute). Also would the LL even accept me? As far as creative stuff goes all I can do is (sorta) write.

shaka-zulu responds:

There are no requirements to be accept in LL, we're not gay like the CC. But yeah it would probably help if you could draw and animate and it's pretty damn likely no one will bother with ya stories lol.

His Rape obsession

has led to disaster

Oh Lock Legion how we miss you guys...

At least I do still...Shame almost everyone left the LL ages ago. Seriously, those were the days when I always use to support the LL from the side lines. Anyway good job and heres to hoping the LL will be revived some day!

shaka-zulu responds:

thanks man

Locklegion.com is dead dude

We use locklegion.org because LL.com was purchased by squatters.

shaka-zulu responds:

yeah i changed it when it was still in judgement, should be showing .org

also the .com linked to .org anyway lol