Tom Goes Japanese

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Since i couldn't finish it, to make it up to you guys i uploaded this :D
something short & silly if the audio keeps going over and over tell me because on my other flash it did that and it wasn't suppose to i'll tryna learn how to fix that right now i'm stuck on a few flash games i'm trying to learn how to make..
if my flash games turn out any good i'll try putting them on my website. @_@

song isn't mine its by the vapors-turning japanese obviously, it's a pretty popular song xD
someone might even came up with this before me but idk ;O


a poor flash

no animation to speak of, rather just a loop of a motion tween to "i'm turning japanese" by the vapors, which (by the way) you don't properly attribute. i'm just saying, as far as uncreative technical plagiarists go, i've seen better work. not from you. but i mean, you know, with at least some heed paid to the lyrical or emotional content of the song used. flag me as abusive, whatever. the work speaks for itself.

nakedxbabe responds:

I am creative i'm the one who though of tom turning japanese which is why i'm making all my flashes in japanese NO TRANSLATIONS, unless it's a collab! >:/


1) Loading bars. I can't stress this enough, use them.
2) This is literally what, 10 different frames copied and pasted? try to add a little more substance to your flash.
3) If you refuse to use loading bars, lower the quality of the sound clip. That 4.3 MB file size didn't come from the animation.

You get 1 star for the picture of Tom.

nakedxbabe responds:

1. i hate loading bars never ever going to use them i have too much of a low attention spand.
2.i will try but its hard when i want it to loop like a gif like on zuzunza you should check it out.
3. yes it did i am a very detailed artist and i coppied and pasted that spinning things a whole lot! >:(

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Jan 12, 2011
12:06 AM EST
Comedy - Original