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The Me@ning of Life III

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well, let me check...

well, that was good again, even if short. also, i may add, yes, i garee with you an' chalk, star-gazing is awesome, too bad i only do it at midnight times,when i remember it, and it's a rare. oh well. by the way,
you may wanna check the sounds after when steak-clock says: ''it is REALLY fun''. because carrot moves his ''cursors'' but no sound comes out... not even at the end. and the starting sounds repeat themselves at the preloader. no worry tho. the movie's still good. btw, is steak clock...a-a girl?!
i think you used the ''females'' sound for the steak. if that 's so, and steak is a girl, then man! her curves are gewd! it seems, thats why im one of the few who can stop her, cause i'm a bit charming, hehe. jk, jk.s

seriously now, the movie was overall, good. i liked it, and it was enjoyable.

Man, you just reminded me that star gazeing is

awesome. thanks for that. need to do that shit more often.