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The Shoryuken Loop

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Remember that running gag from "ABunchofNESsedUpCrap 2"?

Yeah, I've made that into a loop. I thought it would be hilarious to see it go on for as long as possible, although it may be a loop, if you hold on long enough you'll see something different (and I'm not joking on that, swear to god).

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why the hell is he hitting himself?!?!?!?! >:-( why are you hitting yourself luigi??? and wtf why is there a messed-up real looking luidi?????



Subliminal !!!!

You can Troll !
You can Troll !

Heh Heh... "Sure You Can" Luigi...

Seeing how Mario is always getting him the shaft and never recognizes his capabilities, it's easy to understand why Luigi is so upset with himself since he has quite the inferiority complex. Luigi needs to stop hitting himself, stand up to his brother, and say "Ey! I may not have as gooduva inertia as a you, but I can a jump a so higher than and it makes for one a mean, green uppercut so [i]letsa go together.[i]

... And maybe Mario would then not reject his own brother for a goomba. Maybe.

oh noes

i listened so long that it sounded like he was saying "CONTROL YOU" (and i saw the hidden wigi)