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Front page!! Woohoo!!

It's 3 megs, you'll have to be patient. However, RaspberryClock threw together a little game for you while you wait! {{{Rasp}}} Also, you might want to push the little Q at the bottom right to toggle the quality in case stuff is running slow. Keep an eye out for the easter egg!


Check out www.clockcrew.cc for more stuff from the Clock Crew!

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that dope ending tho

This may in fact have been the first great Clock submission. You guys showed you were professionals with this! I do have one complaint. It's too short! You should have shown off more with these great visuals. As a kid, I thought "The Phantom Menace" was the best "Star Wars" movie if only because of this scene!

Seriously, it's one of the best in the whole series! He kind of looks more like a strawberry. I guess he just should have been purple. You guys' first Daily Feature? You earned it!

Love the lightsaber sequences; they look so smooth!

10/10 would clock again

such a wonderful battle...

orange-clock created (once again) a masterpiece.

and everyone should note that he did this magnificent movie back in 2002! that's 13 years ago!
(or 14 years ago, if we consider that soon our year will be 2016.)

so, think about it, organge clock created such a badass and detailed movie, with its own unique style, a nice battle choreography and a cool, twisting background, that matched with the battle's intensity/insanity.

and all the characters/lightsabers were nicely designed, while grapes-clock was nicely presented as a sith-clock.

as for the story, while im not a big fan of star wars, the current rekindling of the star-wars trend and the recurrence of such an old fashion forces me to bring the old clock legends back into relevance, and especially this movie, one of the many masterpieces of orange-clock's genius.

you should watch more clock movies, not just this one.
watch raspberry's great movies! play pineapple's flash games!
watch the CC's collabs!
we have many good things to present to you, and just like star wars, our flame keeps burning!

so thank you orange clock for creating such a cool parody of the star wars battles, and may the clock crew be always relevant and appreciated!

PS: the ending with NEIL the raver who parties at inappropriate times was hillarious.
i always like this part.

PPS: while i have seen this movie many times since 2003, i haven't reviewed it until now.
i always thought that i did, but i strangely didn't.
im sorry. i shall rectify my mistake.