Reviews for "L"


The lightsabers you used, I noticed, came from parksabers.com , as I clearly saw Darth Strawberry using the Maelstrom saber ^^

OrangeClock responds:

and in 8 to 10 weeks, i will have a blue Defiance and Raspberry will have a green Rogue!

This one is just miraculous :D

I could not have been more bored of the new Clock Crew Movie but when the puzzle came out everything just like enlightened up and so this movie made me think that these dudes are not such a shit heads...! I admit that some Clock Crew Movies are from a ratt's ass but these masterpieces are on of the best flash movies in the whole newgrounds society..! Keep on making movies like that and I think that StrawberryClock MIGHT even be made THE KING OF THE PORTAL...

The Movie itself was quite great triumph to Star Wars itself but I think that the puzzle game made the difference of all. Great Game And A Great Movie At Once... Quite a achievement..!

This movie was so amazing....

this is a masterpeice. "L" is definately my favorite movie on the portal now, you have to love the star wars immitation. you won't be disappointed with this- and you will LOVE the preloader ;) great job orange- and keep it up.

Holy Crap

Orange Clock, i am Amazed, Ive always known youve had good flash skillz, but this goes in the same area that The Final Task Would, your Coriogifcation was awesome and the light sabres ruled, you drew that Version Of Grapes Riight?

Well, See Ya around at CC.CC

Oh my gods.

That is the *BEST* fucking clock movie I have EVER seen animated. Hands down. Great work! Totally awesome!