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SCEp2 - Cubes

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Yeah, this is the hardest 3x3x3 cube puzzle. The last episode the sound of the voice is crack up, and this episode the sound of the voice is very low on volume. On the next episode, the voice will be like normal 'cause now I know how to record the sound perfectly. :D

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Fairly mediocre

It is hard to say that there was anything particularly good or bad about this submission, because there really wasn't. The animation with the stick figures is actually pretty good, as far as stick figures go. The biggest problem is that it really is too short. At least you did not pollute it with a bunch of obscene or stupid stuff. Next time, you should really work on a background. Having a pure blank one is rarely a good idea. I have not see the other episode so I can not fully judge this series.

The voice work is actually done pretty well, although I can tell what you mean by not cracking. It seems as though you will get better if you work with that. I hope you have a happy new year and make better stuff. Hey, it could be a heck of a lot worse than a 2.45! My final thoughts are that it really should be a lot longer with more of a climax or punchline.

KillProduction responds:

You: The biggest problem is that it really is too short.

Well, duh. That's why I call Short Clip to this series. XD