Xkills Ryans superstick

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Well people this is my flash i been working on for months but i finaly finsh a stick collabs that i been doing over the months but its ok i am still working on other flashes soo enjoy watching the months of work that i completed(note) notices the flash music is kinda giltched (:)

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Silly thirteen year old..

Pivot isn't flash.

xkills-ryans-97 responds:

not pivot but it is pivot ass head duh

No, man.

Don't use stick figures, don't use shitty music, don't have a shitty title, don't steal sounds from the Simpsons, don't use obdon't everything.

I know you're 13 and have an overinflated sense of self-worth, but keep your experiments out of the portal. Pollution is a real problem.

Also, a collab isn't a collab if it has only one person's work.

xkills-ryans-97 responds:

lol.whatever if you don't like it then screw off dickshit

Interesting ...

Atempted parody perhaps? It's not that bad, youl could improve ... Maybe make it a tad slower for starters.
Now the big problem with this flash is, that when the credits start, the main music doen't stop and then they cover eachother which is erableadingly annoying.
Take care of that and you wil have done a lot.

Good luck!

xkills-ryans-97 responds:

thanks i am only a starter but the music is a problem