Doodle episode 1

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doodle on normal day out

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For starters

It was alright, Nothing too fantastic but still funny.

Some faults
-Music/sound quality was very poor
-Voices were hard to make out
- Art was sloppy, you could do better

Good Things.
-Had some humor
- You voiced the flash
- The text type box

This could have been made by a 3 year old.

Looking at your other flashes (well actually, it looks like you've done loads of shitty pictures in paint and put them together), I really am starting to think that. Don't upload things that make you look like a cockmunch.

rian20000 responds:

at least i don't boast on my profile about how cool i am and in your case not at all

What a horrible flash!

I'm definitely voting this a zero because the graphics are terrible and it looks like it was made by a 6 year old. Also the voice bothers me it reminds me of Fred's voice and the jokes were stupid and childish it was not even funny when the dog pees on doodle. I don't even like this flash and I hope it is in "The Top 5 worst flashes of 2011".


I'm giving you no stars, I refuse to enjoy a game that was probably thought up and created in a total of 5 minutes, I agree with Coop, and he actually did give good reasons and suggestions, but instead of just taking those and saying "Thanks, I'll work harder at it" you said "Shut up asswipe" because that doesn't make you look like a little 10 year old that managed to stumble upon Newgrounds by pure unluck to us newgrounders. This is a terrible game with terrible animation, sound, and drawings. Please just hurry up and make something worth space on NG.

This is kinda horrible. Read through this, though.

First off, let me start with this: I know my flashes aren't too good either. No need to go saying that I'm/my flashes are pieces of shit.

With that out of the way, this flash really sucked. I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Maybe you could get a professional microphone. If you don't have enough money, try to keep your voice at a normal, understandable tone.

I really couldn't get past the fact that the character didn't really move. Next time you should try making moving parts to the character. If you can't do that by the next movie, at least try to do a bit more than a stick character. Hell, a circle head on a rectangle body is more appealing to the eye than a stick.

I give you a two for effort. At least the story was mildly entertaining.

And I am not an asswipe, so don't go calling me that because you didn't like me critiquing you.

rian20000 responds:

ok :)

Credits & Info

1.38 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2011
12:28 PM EST
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