FutureForce Installment 1

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First of all, let me apologize for the minor double styled annoyance. I made this movie in two seperate parts very far apart from each other. In the beginning, I wanted to use the text to scroll through the text. When text time came around for part two, I decided I would rather it play out as an actual movie...since somebody bitched about it before. Honestly, I like the text to flow on its own myself. You'll live. The story should be easy to follow, cut, and dry so I hope this is one that you all will keep track of. I don't really have a synopsis. I think this is one of the craziest fights i've animated so far. It's mild, but it's going to get wild. I don't really remember what made me want to animate a Cyclops/Reiko fight, but they are enemies for life now. Who needs Wolverine huh? Anyway, there is room for this one to grow. Hell, the preview got an award. I don't know if it was just good timing, but here's hoping to more good timing.

Authors's Note: I decided to stray as far as I could with the whole multiverse dimensional travel thing as much as I could because that storyline is already being used. Instead, think of it as one long never ending, ever changing timeline. Different parts of the single timeline house different kind of people.Still the law of time holds true. What happenes in one part of the time line will effect other parts. These Time Periods are not far be the future, but not close enough to be the same. It's more of the space in between. I'm pretty proud of this one. This is the first flash i've made with BIOS, something i've been meaning to put in all of my projects. This one actually feels complete. Enjoy.



Pretty cool stuff, I dug the choreography! Would be interested in seeing where this goes. One question though, near the end, where'd you get that remix of Q's theme? Sounded pretty cool!
Best of luck with things!

smoothuser responds:

thank you I appreciate your feedback. As for the theme, I honestly don't remember. It was so long ago haha

Solid effort, reminds me of Exiles. Makes me motivated to finish more of mine that have been idle for 2 years. Keep it up.

smoothuser responds:

Thanks. I know what you mean about the idle thing. I haven't done anything since these. You gotta be in the mood for it ya know?

Wild! I really enjoyed this. cant wait where you take this story....Hope to see Gambit in the next few installments. (my personal Fave ;) )

Really enjoyed it i thought i was running into a vg exiles type multi dimensional situation but you did an excellent job creating your own type of story with it and i appreciate it hoping for more episodes man. will there be more?

smoothuser responds:

Thank you very much. I wont speak ill of you because you didnt favorite me or because i didnt use any punctuations in this post HAHA...but I do appreciate you viewing. Yes there will be more. Thanks for the awesome rating as well! MUCH Appreciated!!



You are a master at using sprites, I hope to see more of your work, especially MKU 4. Good Luck and keep making more videos.

smoothuser responds:

An easy task. I promise I will. Thank you very much! I appreciate your appreciation!


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Jan 5, 2011
3:29 AM EST