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The Psychadelic Cholo

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I hope you enjoy aliens and weird stuff.
Music and voice animation by Sapoman.

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Good, but not great.

I'll start off with what I liked: I like the concept, it's not crazy original, but I haven't really seen any cholo-inspired flash movies, so props to that. The voice work was surprisingly good, and the basic functions work (play, replay, etc).

I have a few gripes, the mic feedback isn't really something you have too much control over, but it kinda bothered me at first. Try to fix that. The title didn't really seem to fit until the end (the "Psychadelic" part). I also thought it was too short, the story ending out of nowhere. If you plan on making a sequel or add-on, make it much longer.

It wasn't too bad. I gave it a 3/5. Work on your animating, good luck in the future!

sapoman responds:

Thanks, man. I am really new to the software and haven't had much time to animate. This was just something that came to me and I had to get it down. I will probably do more background stuff and work on the fluidity of the animation. Again, thanks for the review!

Ehh, okay animation I guess...

Could of been better, but I guess its funny in someway. o-o

sapoman responds:

Well, I'll work on it.


well made. watch how shitfucks rate this 6/10 and say that it didn't appeal to them, just you watch.

sapoman responds:

It's alright. I can only get better...

1 word


sapoman responds:

Thank you very much!

Kinda funny

But extremely racist I'm like 1/4 mexican lmao

sapoman responds:

I'm 100 % mexican, so it's not racist. I'm mostly making fun of myself.