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Mario's F*ED Up Weed Trip

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Good song at the intro.


except that there isn't any animation and it's not funny. But other than that, great!

no....No...NO, its another turd of the week!

Ok so after watching this twice *gasp*....I really don't know how I can review this seriously. From the title its suppose to be about mario gettin F***'ed up off weed, but I didn't get any of that it was just a mishmash of mario pictured you probably gathered of DeviantArt. The animation I guess was alright, you seem like you have more potential but this flash certainly doesn't do any justice for you or the viewers. There's no message, it's not funny theres virtually nothing representing the title of your flash (aside from attempted random humor...I guess). I would understand the title if it this flash had enough effort put into it to have its own genre. (Drama, please) but there's really nothing here but an unfinished broken animation, I would suggest to put effort into your flashes if you are trying to become a likable author, but that's just ME. 1/5 (because i've seen plenty worse out there)

Btw @ Ericho the police officer represents his username I hence the name ng--->COP<---

Feeding it?

I do not know why anyone would be mad over this taking stuff from "Family Guy" as cartoons here do that all the time. While it was not good, it did have some good points. I liked seeing the image of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad as fanart or something. The logo was pretty cool with how it jumped up and down. I wish that you had taken the effort you put into making the logo into the cartoon. Imagine what would happen if the entire flash had been done with those CGI effects.

The funniest thing is that this actually is a good tribute to marijuana. It gave me a feeling of things being messed up, but at the same time came off as lazy. The thing at the end with Shadow was the worst part as it added little to the cartoon and did not even fit in with the theme. I suggest you try to work more on backgrounds and never show a blank one. I wish I knew what that police officer in the beginning had to do with anything.

... uh ok?

this is honestly the worst flash i have ever watched because...
1 this is ripped from family guy
2 the preloader looked better then the flash
3 you didnt even bother to take out any white space from mario
5 shadows head is a wallpaper i bet i can find it in the next 5 minutes. seriously man what the hell?