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Alvin's Alps

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Team Mammoth's entry for the second Newgrounds Game Jam!

We hope you enjoy this game! Remember, it was made in under 72 hours ;)

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lol @ GuineaPigJesus

The human stool level is easy. Anyways, this is actually a pretty good game.

Love this game

There's something about this game which I find really touching. I think it's the combination of the music and the idea that you and your little buddy work together to progress through the game. This is an amazing game.

ok game

it's an ok game, but the directions seem to leave out a lot, which is annoying since the directions are 4 or 5 levels. I got to play 1 level after the directions though, and then the level directly after that, the human stool, is impossible to beat because the elephant can't jump high enough. Sorry, but a glitched game with levels you can't complete gets a bad score, even if this was made in 3 days.

Not Bad!

It's good for a Game made in 72 Hours but, some platforms were really difficult to jump in later levels,
specially on the last level. but good game in Overall.


the level is called: in the middle of the colored doors
jump right... that´s it