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Melting Ice

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Author Comments

This is one of the songs for the NG Game Jam 2. Made for the Mammoth team.


8-bit again!

First thing I noticed was the background. It's VERY off-key. It switches keys midway, I think. If the other synths and background changed at the same time, then it would be alright. But it doesn't.

There isn't really much of a tune, just background and rhythm. The "tune" comes in twice in a row, like a loop.

There's a lot of work that could be done with this, I'd try making it a bit more interesting and less repetitive, if I were you. Extending a loop so it's at least 1 minute long is definitely helpful to make people less bored.

-Review Request Club-

DahDoctow responds:

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I get sick of alot of my songs too. Whenever I start a song though I can only create like 2 or 3 sounds that are good, so my only choice is to repeat them... :C


It's not necessarily a good loop, but it just seems like something you quickly slapped together.

The main issue for me is how off-key the rhythmic synths sound compared to the bassline. It really annoyed me, and I guess this could fit in some kind of surrealistic game, but from the title, I'm assuming you're going for a "winter wonderland"-kind of feel.

Lastly, it's quite repetitive, and even though it loops okay, you can hear it's just a 30-second piece over and over. With a loop you should lose track of where the loop originally begins and starts. It's also very important not to make it annoyingly repetitive, and the lack of variation here combined with the off-key bass/rhythm synths really ruined that for me.

Review Request Club

DahDoctow responds:

Yeah, I see your point. I'll try to make my next songs have alot more variety

Old School Much?

Okay, I sort of agree with sontuk but he didn't need to be that harsh, I gave you a 5 for the time and effort, but I'm sorry - this needs so much work it's unbearable.

The first bassline that comes in was a tragedy, it sounded terribly off key, I'd suggest moving some of the notes around, maybe you can build a decent arpeggio.
What'd be cool too is if you'd build a crescendo ; Which means it starts off very quietly and starts getting louder, and spans for about 16 bars.

The waltz-y rythm that kicks in after the bassline isn't bad either, it's just terribly off key, as is the rest of the song, Please, for the love of god, work on that :P

The main melody sounded very NES Lake Level, I liked it, and as a single melody it would sound very good.

So anyway, not a complicated track, very care-free sounding, but it could use a change of instruments, some drums, maybe some pads and strings here and there.

So yeah, 5/10 and 3/5

Work on it :)

DahDoctow responds:

Alright, I'll get on that! Thanks

Sounds old-school but...

This this is reallly loud, and as your first reviewer said the backround melody is "Off-key"

However I do see what you're going for here and it's close, but maybe you should practice a little bit more before you submit your music into games?

Exposure is great, but it won't do anything for you if your songs are too loud, unmastered, or plain unmemorable.

Take some time and focus on listening to music side-by-side with yours, and try to get yours closer to a professional sound that you like. Download a couple of your old favorite Video-Game OST's and get inspired!

This has potential, but it definitely needs work ><
~Dj Sonik

-Review Request Club-

DahDoctow responds:

Yeah, I agree...

I'm terrible at getting the exact sound I want :C

Seems fun

It seems to be a pretty good loop I think. The tune has some ups and downs though but no song is perfect right? I can see this going well for a platform game anyways so that is nice to hear here. Kind of envision a couple of guys running forward working as a team to complete several levels where they both need to get items and weapons to move along and forward.

The bass seems to have a kind of awkward yet off tempo beat. I think if it had been more of a four note going down kind of thing such as highest note to lowest over and over again then it could have sounded nice. The bass just kind of seems to create a bit of a weird feel to the song as well I think.

The synth sounds good when it comes in and kind of makes me think of older style Pokemon games where they had long loops and mostly cheery sounding piece as well. It gives a nice upper feel to this piece anyways.

Overall, I would just consider working on the bass line a bit and making it a bit calmer you know. Other than that, not too bad for a loop.

Review Request Club

DahDoctow responds:

Thanks! I always thought the bassline was pretty cool, although you are quite probable right

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3.04 / 5.00

Dec 28, 2010
8:01 PM EST
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