Call of Fail- a short

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My first flash submission and im somewhat pleased.
Im a long way off some off the far great animators on NG but everything started somewhere :D
Hope people can get a laugh from it

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ZOMG Y0uz just a h4tar!

Personally, I haven't been to big on the COD series. Modern Warfare, and the games before it, were the best in my opinion. World at War was good, due in part to the scale of its maps. I feel that the dropping point of the series was Modern Warfare 2. Argue as you please; an unbalanced arsenal, small maps, an arrogant and dim community, and the rampant QQ'ing are evidence towards my opinion. Black Ops was a massive dump. Many people say the only reason it is disliked is due to the graphic quality (never bothered me), but I say otherwise. The maps, while still small, are now far too simple. Point A to Point B, a few paths, too predictable. Once again, 5-foot range shotguns, peashooter pistols, and shit snipers are only useful to the people who have acquired the skills required to use them properly. The hit boxes are so broken, that I got a tomahawk kill when it was clearly several feet behind my target's ankles. Those who complained about lag in MW2 were subjected to an even worse case of it. The "Noob tube" epidemic is still plaguing online play, despite a few measures to discourage it. Just because people enjoyed one game, doesn't mean you should copy and paste the engine into three more titles. I think that people would have been a little less angry if the game had not been so hyped up.

Errr....off my rant, I wasn't really sure how to judge this film. The animation was so-so, and it didn't really seem to communicate a good joke. It did express the disappointment felt by the many gamers who purchased it. Weird that I spent more time ranting about the game rather than putting in a good review. Anyway, I hope to see more of your work in the future.

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Nice one, if you want to get better at animation have a look at our website. We're just a group of people that want to get better at any chosen hobby. Let me know if you want any info :)

For those people who play any CoD it's like people who like Macs instead of Windows. It's just one of those things. It HAS to be good, I mean- The last one was! (Also, for people who like Macs, their main argument is "They're easy to use" which proves my point about the type of unintelligent, or just common-sense- lacking people who pay more cause it's bound to be better) Sorry going off track :).
The truth is, the makers of CoD have been able to become lazy- They have such a huge fan base it doesn't matter! Any new CoD game that comes out won't be innovative or exciting. It will just be the same old repetitive stuff.

As a side note I used that same track by Xenogenocide for a PARKOUR video I made- Good choice of music.

Just to let you know at FKP we're working on an FPS. Let me remind you that we're not a company or anything just a group of people :) Ever tried 3D animating?

OK I'll shut up otherwise all the useful things in this review will be deleted due to the off topic fo' shizzle :)

Face <(X_X)>

imasoulman responds:

Thanks for the comment and im honest enough to say my flash need a 100% improvement and knowin theres a website that can help is awesome!

nice one!

Black ops IS terrible. I was horribly dissapointed when I got it too. Luckily I avoided killing myself by fiendishly giving it away-yes gave-that way some other poor fellow could off himself. I'll pirate the next cod game as a refund :)

Thx for the flash! Glad to see others agree.


imasoulman responds:

wow, thanks so much for the positive feedback it means alot. Im glad you enjoyed it.

And wheres my credit?

Oh well, good job on the new expressions anyway, the RPG was an unexpected touch.

imasoulman responds:

HA, it did say at the end thankyou to my close friends :D

O Rly?

I play Black Ops and it is one of THE BEST fps games of ALL TIME!!!

Get your facts straight.

imasoulman responds:

thankyou for commenting on my animating it was extreemely constructive criticism -_-

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3.10 / 5.00

Dec 30, 2010
8:34 PM EST
Comedy - Parody