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Before the internet was in every home we had the BBS. 8Bit MUSH is a tribute to those days.. Home to some of the most hard-core mush coders on the planet and some of the most talented FANSI artists known to man kind, 8Bit MUSH is unlike anything you've ever played before. Come relive the glory days when coders were kings and ANSI art reigned supreme on 8Bit MUSH.

Features include...

>Countless puzzles with a large and dedicated community of contributing players.
>Learn to build your own puzzles, houses, games, etc.
>Tons of awesome 8 bit FANSI art work.
>Enjoy our unique little social haven for all nerd-kind.

WE ARE UPGRADING THE NEWBIE EXPERIENCE TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR NEWGROUNDS PLAYERS TO GET INTO THE GAME. This game was originally intended for computer experts. If you are having trouble connecting please contact us, or come back in a few days, as we will surely have made updates.

Thank you everyone so far for taking a moment to see what our world is all about.

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How do I make a MUSH?

too laggy to play.


Being new to MUSH style games this is a very newbie friendly game, easy commands. The players are very helpful. The new Client is also great (I can play while at work) Keep up the good work Suese

Nice idea, but it wont let me play....!!!!!!!

i highly doubt someone has the name lmaocowsareeverywhere or awlkehf234 so i gave up trying to play this.... BUT u get a 5 because it of the DOS like game :D

TheSuese responds:

Hi, there's a 14 character limit on names. You need to type 'create <your_name> <password>' so type create [SPACE] your_name [SPACE] password. We understand that this is too confusing for the general population, we're working on ways of making it more accessible to non-compute experts.


Simple but effective.

I get the feeling a lot of younger people are going to play this game and vote it down because it's not what they like, but personally, it's a very interesting idea, and I'd like to see it frontpaged. It could really go places!

TheSuese responds:

Wow, thank you so much. It's true, it's not for everyone. it's only for the seriously nerdy. It's for people who get a kick out of the satisfaction of typing and all the infinite possibilities it presents. 8Bit MUSH itself has been around for 8+ years and has a very active and really tight-knit community that updates the game autonomously. We welcome feedback, bug reports and feature requests with open arms at any time! please let me know. Again, thank you so much.