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Ice Rink

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Go through the all gates on the ice rink in correct order as fast as possible. Collect special items showing on the stage. Avoid ice blocks, snowballs and frozen holes.

There is a level selection in case that you wasn't able to finish the game with normal amount of lives.

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Decent game

I was confused by the gameplay at first because I thought you were on something vertical. I thought you were supposed to dig through the ice or something, but then I realized it was shot from the top. This was a decent game and it is too bad you did not get points with your medals. It is entirely harmless and the best thing about it is probably the artwork. While it is not the most detailed thing, it's still nice to look at. Something weird happened to me on the first level as I did not have to go back to the hole to finish it.

Now, the detail could use some more work with there being more things around. I guess they would, in theory, be obstacles but it would look a little nicer. The music is pretty cheery as well. Ice is never good with me and it was a little frustrating with how you could so easily avoid the goals. This does, however, manage to improve if you take your time.

a glitch

if you get all the gates and then crash somewhere, you win
I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen
but it makes sense since when you crash you respawn at the spot the portal shows up

gameonade responds:

Thank you for review. Actually I know about it, but I decided to leave it that way. I didn't know where user should start after he gets all the gates... so I made it as it is. It is easier that way :)

too hard for me :P

i like the idea of the game but man i suck at it :L

gameonade responds:

Thank you for review. Yes, it may be sometimes to difficult :)
However, for me after a practice it is not so hard anymore. You can select those levels (unlocked) that are difficult for you and try to practice there.

Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Dec 29, 2010
6:13 AM EST