Dirty Pop

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Thank you for watching this movie! I worked long and hard on it! Please watch before viewing and enjoy. Don't vote based on the song because the song is crap base it on the movie please.

I recommend a fast computer because of the high FPS. Thanks.

Special Thanks To:

Zwing0 for making one of the scenes in the music video.




that sucked

I see where you are coming from, Olive_Clock.

Yeah, that song does explain the Clock Crew in a nutshell, what with people all like "The CC sucks!", but to tell yuo the truth, I think they are great people, btu I also think they are sons of a bitch (SBC).

Now about the flash...:

I see why people didn't like it, it had something to do with clocks and N'Sync (N*Stinks), but you sure can animate, that fou tru.

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Well, that was annoying!

OK, a bunch of nuts, fruits and vegetables with clocks on them moving around...oh, yeah, and to some song by N'SYNC? Get a life dude.

sir go die

yeah i feel as if uve stolen a minute of my life by putting such crap on newgrounds.. and to the fuker who gave it a ten b/c it was his favorite song ur taste of music is a bad as the thought of mike jackson and a 10 yr old


im giving you full points cause i want this video to stay on, not because of the animation, but the song
hehe dirty pop is on of my favorite song

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1.16 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2002
10:18 PM EDT
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