Death Of The Internet

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This is the ugly truth you all refuse to see.
There's no denying it. There's no escaping it.
Face it.

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it was the guys fualt the internet is dead AHHH THE INTERNET IS DEAD RUNNN AHH IM SO SCARED AHHHHH!

Lare responds:

With every comment, my rage intensifies.

(Take off checks)

[pilot speaking to ground crew, & a.t.c. radio]

(Pilot):Pilot to ground crew, Is the aircraft in order? over
(Other Guy):Yes sirr over
(Pilot):Guys, am I Fueled up? over
(Other Guy:)Yes sir... over
(Pilot):Come In codemname Ronald reagan Am I Clear to take off? over
(Air traffic control):free to go R1 over

(Pilot): 'Rolfcopter' departing over

Blah blah blah
yoru right,
pussy is tight..
superman has mgiht...
what else Should I have said ? . . .

Lare responds:

You've said more than enough.

Yeah man

I like totally get this one, dude. Your view on the subject is so far out, man. I mean, you can really think outside the box, dude. Bravo!

Lare responds:

Don't look at it, feel it!


I gave it a 1 because it is in fact a flash video so you posted it correctly. But man come on, this is utter crap.

Lare responds:

Look around you.

The video makes a good point, but...

Great point, but the video left much to be desired. I'm going to have to agree with bunnyfrog on this one. There are much better ways you could have gotten your point across, try something different next time that some of the less understanding might get instead of just dismissing them completely. Good luck with future submissions! ^_^

Lare responds:

No, no, no... That's just the point!

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Dec 28, 2010
4:20 PM EST