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Typical German Flash

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Gee, I sure am Hungary maybe I'll eat some Turkey oh wait its got Germans mold

hurr durr

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Awesome work on this good shock humor


I don't know of many (or really any) German flashmakers on this website, so I can't tell if it's typical. I need notice some flashes of images at the beginning. Too bad they were so brief I can not even remember them. The person depicted is a typical "Ayran" person whom Hitler believed to be the superior race. It kind of makes you realize how dumb he was when he wasn't even one himself. It gets annoying when the song repeats itself over and over.

At least you put it in the "Spam" genre so people knew what they were getting. It's always amazing with how so many people manage to make something so simple. Wait, those images I just talked about came back. I recall seeing Patrick writing things off his "To Do" list. I must have not seen that episode, because I do not remember it.

oh ne oh ne

warum wird son scheiß überhaupt auf NG hoch geladen findest das voll witzig wa -.-
pack dir mal an Kopf Hitler war ein Arschloch und auch die deutschen haben unter ihm gelitten ALSO STELL NICHT SON KACK INS INTERNET LESE LIEBER MEINEN KAMPF WEITER ANSTATT SON SCHROTT ZU MACHEN




Its amazing the kind of crap that is allowed to make it on NG nowadays and this is a prime example. Seriously what point does this have other than to incite people? Its interesting that the collab organizer has what looks like a KKK member for an avatar.

I imagine this will get voted down by the ignorant fools that pushed this crap thru the portal.

Magyar responds:

http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /28240

was happening a long time before us

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Dec 26, 2010
7:55 AM EST