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A Muslim Xmas PSA

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This is my first flash submission to Newgrounds, I'm not actually upset about Christmas i just thought this would be a funny idea for a quick cartoon, hope you like it!

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It was decently animated. For that, you get 1. Nothing else was good about this, really. You may be surprised to learn that I do know Muslims who celebrate Christmas.

Doodlesinc responds:

I'm not at all surprised to learn that, I have many Muslim friends who celebrate Christmas too, this may have something to do with the fact that I'M MUSLIM, and this was a joke, I'm sorry you didn't like it bro, I'll try harder next time.

Straight up zero

Because I'm sick of the shitty muslim jokes. It's not even fucking funny. fucking americans. hope you guys are having fun having been trolled into hating muslims by your government so they could take away your freedoms and go to war.
The least you could have done is be witty with your racism like jews are. but no. this isn't even remotely funny. I pretty much expected you to make some retarded bomb jokes.. at least you didn't stoop that low. I'm sick of hearing muslim = terrorist.
AMERICANS = terrorists. Open your eyes and see what your country is doing to the rest of the world.

Doodlesinc responds:

In case you couldn't tell by my name "Murtuza" I am a Muslim. This is a joke, and I have no problem with Christmas, I'm sorry you didn't like it, this wasn't meant to hurt anyone, dude.

Nicely done

For a first this is a really good animation. The syncing wasn't horrible, but I don't expect perfect from first timers. Over all, very funny, made me laugh. You....jewish kids, lol. Keep it up I might become a fan. :P

Doodlesinc responds:

Thanks man! I'll work more on the syncing next time,

No christmas presents

If you are not a martyr of the holy cause !

Allah Akbar !

Quite funny actually.

I've gotten blowned by a muslim before

It wasnt that greeat..