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The Clockmas Collab

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Author Comments

An impromptu collab organized and finished in a day.

Merry Clockmas from the CC


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i like NintendoClock

Very nice!

I was not expecting something that was geniunely good when I unearthed this submission. The fact that it was not submitted on Clock Day makes it even more impressive. I guess people could just not help but get into the holiday spirit! The funniest was probably at the end of Pop-Tart Clock's part when they got bored and killed Santa. It did take them a pretty long time to get up and down the mountain, you know. I don't know why, but that thing BlobClock did just never gets old to me.

I could tell you all had fun with this, hopefully as much fun as you depicted yourselves in it. Every individual part had a fairly unique aspect. It was weird when it came to NintendoClock because he looked like a present himself! In case anyone's wondering, you can just start at one part and watch it the whole way through. I like how you're all on Santa's lap when you move the mouse over your part.


Nice job folks, keep it funky

well, great!!... i like!123

great collab! really well-drawn, well organised, nice drawings, animations, and sounds...!
and very funny subject/stories!
uhh, my favorite parts, are pop-tart's, rob's, and blob's. also i love nintendo's part.
great stories, everyone did good, i love these holiday movies... 5/5 u rock


You all deserve a daily first, you sexy mother fuckers.

Pop-Tart responds:

Ha. Thanks. Merry Clockmas!