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Stoner Mario Bros 1-1

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Add... At this time the movie auto restarts after 10 second at the end

I know the fonts change alot through out the movie sorry about that...This is my second movie i ever made first been back in 2003. LOL ....Hope you like it the fight scene is my favorite part and vote it up if you want to see the next installment in the series.

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im sorry but...

that was the best luigi vid ive ever seen. lol dont know why...

Can't hate it

Wow, I really had no idea where this is going. For something about the Mario brothers being stoned, this was actually more intelligent than I thought it would be. The thing that helps is that the sprite work is quite good in this. I don't know why the brothers have their colors reversed, but that's the least weird thing about this. I wasn't sure what was going to happen because of the intro. At least now I know what movie that "Excellent" sound comes from.

Everything was pretty well paced, even if it didn't make much sense. Due to the weed factor, it was hard to follow through. I suggest you put in some more action next time, but this was certainly not bad. It helps that you also use that great music throughout the whole cartoon. You really seemed to create a unique Mario level for this.


was pretty good. The story line was good also. The animation wasn't amazing but the story was fun to watch.

Although you didn't give me enough time to read what the characters were saying... that was a problem... try fixing that next time.

not bad

It was funny but the dialog was going a little faster than i thought. also adding sound effects will make the flash movie you made more funny. you did pretty good.


I have to say, very interesting plot and dialogue. I could watch it from start to finish and that was good. You should make sure to separate your intro (the television) with the sprite movie better (just cut to X company presents). Also, see if voice animation could be tossed in. A variation of music would be nice, but all in all its better than a lot of other sprite movies I've seen so well done.