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Zoey's Sacrifice and E...

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Author Comments

The Full title is "Zoey's Sacrifice and Ellis' Mistletoe" I think some of you will not get it so here's the story: Ellis is inside this building holding a picture of zoey. Ellis began to recall some memories; he thought about the day when zoey and himself were running toward the cliff so they can ride the balloon pulled platform but they were too late. Zoey did not want Ellis to die so she decided to throw him into the platform. Ellis was not happy with this so he tried to go back to zoey to die with her but he failed. Then zoey prepared all her pipe bombs for the zombies then killed her self in the blast. Ellis was sad and devastated so he got insane then he cried. after that, Ellis went to the roof and spied on a Spitter and fell in love. He threw away the picture of zoey and decided to go after the Spitter. When he captured the spitter, he used his mistletoe so he won't look like a rapist. That was the story.
This is a left 4 dead 2 parody. I made this stupid video because I hated that stupid little match girl video I made some time ago. They are speaking vagineer but do not worry because there are subs. yeah I know the characters do not look like the characters in the game lol. I decided not to finish this because I did not have much time lol. I think the story will look better if the video wasn't made by me. I got ideas from up movie. I got some audio from dawn of war 2, avatar, maplestory, partners in rhyme etc. I hope nickelodeon's not pissed lol. Have a happy holiday season and shit thanks for watching etc.

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LoL, very good story its full of violence and comedy. I like the part when he jumped and they grabed him and threw him and hit the floor, then when every one try to pin him down one missed and when he was chasing a zombie and put a missletoe in bettween them!! xD Good work I see a bright future ahead of you and keep up the good work!! :D
I rated your video high!!


I GOT AN EAR APE WHEN THE SPITTER SCREEMED anwyays great but why is it black and withe


That's A. Cold and heartless and B. Just wrong.

Well done video stupid story.

This makes no fuckin sense! Why wouldn't she just throw the pipe bombs! At least the video is done good. I give it a 8 for video & a 0 for story.

GregoryShitcock responds:

she was on a cliff, she can't throw herself on the platform or jump her way up there, and even with all the pipe bombs she couldn't kill all the zombies so she decided to kill herself with the pipe bombs because it is more favorable than getting killed by stinky zombies. Thanks for watching, brah!

Delicious Spitter is delicious.

It could use alot of animating work, like when some bodies are out of proportions.
Other than that, it was a pretty good flash. Also.. The balloons floating with the platform reminded me of Gmod... Kind of pointless to mention, but I don't really care. Good understanding of the Vagineer language though.

Credits & Info

4.51 / 5.00

Dec 25, 2010
10:04 AM EST