God On Trial

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God presents the ultimate defense.

copyright 2010, Six Dollar Media

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This was perfect

And it needed to be said, this deserves to be in the Religion Collection.

Very funny.

Not quite what I expected. Although obviously you can't just take the lines in this as gospel (pun?), I have to say that it's pretty original and in some way truthful. I don't think there is a god (wireless electricity is god enough for me anyway) but if I did I am pretty sure I just wouldn't mind this at all. In fact, I find it more annoying that there's no play button than the fact that anybody could ever badly misinterpret this. The way people talk in this is just so funny, I love the voices.

I've seen a bit of Jesus humor tonight, and for me this extrapolates from a very cool one about how there happened to be a real person named Jesus (I think he was black) and how he'd be screwed over by Cristian extremists if he was alive today.

I would like to remind certain religious people that getting all pissed off about a somewhat unknowing and joke impression of something obscure is no reason to curse that people to a slightly described place called hell. If you say shit like "how dare blah holy blah forgiveness!..." people will think you are probably biased and open to ridicule. I mean, think about it. If you say weird shit like that you're just not helping anything, and you are in fact helping extreme atheists believe you are stupid. Trust me, there are such things.

I think that besides the art this is a very decent flash. Most of the voice acting from lesser known flashes I find to be muffled and terrible. In fact, the recording was better than that in There's Something About Halo I'm pretty sure.
Well done. Cool ending.


ahahaha, this was BRILLIANT! Wish the audio was better, but I loved it! Fascinating to listen to!! :D


"Human morality does work on a completely different standard"

So true, so very true...

Well done sir, keep preaching the truth!


not cool! that is not cool in the least! dude, this is disrespectful to me, my religion, and the holy trinity! you deserve to spend eternity in hell for this bs.

SixDollarMedia responds:

We humbly disagree. We prayed to Jesus after making this, asking for his forgiveness, and he granted it to us. He's pretty cool that way. The question now becomes, what's your deal? You think you're better than Jesus all of a sudden?

You need to quietly reflect on your hypocrisy, sir. I hope that God will forgive you as he has us, so that you'll rise from the depths of a sinful life and join us in perfect holiness and harmony.

Also, learn to take a joke from time to time. It makes life so much more fun.

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Dec 24, 2010
4:39 PM EST
Comedy - Original