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Christmas Trolling

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It is up to you if you follow these advice, but if I were you, I would probably follow the last one, don't troll your family.

Also I would like to say that I have nothing against my grandma or any member of my family, although I was trolling them a little this week (the gay thing, but only because when I was calling them I was reading my youtube comments and people were calling me gay so I said "So apparently I'm gay", they were very supportive, until I explained that I'm not really gay :D )

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need moar troll stuff

i actually searched trolling :D go into the communist troll video on newgrounds its awesome

never torll family! its xmas!

lolzzzz i love how they mentioned sucky animation and u see a guy on the piano just going up and down with the hands/arms XD and i loved hwo he kicked the turkey at the face XD

PrivateJoker152 responds:

Thanks, well the guy (Steve) going up and down with his arms that's kind of inside joke for my youtube audience. When I'm doing Trolls News (reports about youtube trolls) Steve is in the background trolling on the computer only by hitting keyboard exactly in the same way, so this animation shows how multi-talented he actually is ;-)


Um that was different...but I loved it!


haha good animation bro

Nicely Done

This is very funny :) You should add more and more reasons and perhaps make a game out of this movie. I'm sure it would be interesting!