Gravity Tangram

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A very experimental proposal. The classic tangram with gravity.

My first game with a physics engine.

May be too difficult but should appeal tangram lovers.


That's a unique game

I have no idea what "tangram" means nor do I think I have even played a game like this before. This was great to play because it was just so fascinating. It was unlike anything I had done before and it took real grace to take care of it! You have to put the shapes on just right so you make a true work of art when you are done with the level! Thank you for the minutes as it can be a bit strenuous to perfectly organize. The hardest part is probably controlling the shapes once you have gotten hold of them.

The shapes seem to fly around a bit when you hold them and often go to the wrong angle. I like how the background and graphics are really simple, but the game is so complex. This is probably not for all tastes but definitley for someone who is good with organization. Each shape really takes on a life of its own as it flutters about. It is too bad this did not get much publicity here as it's a great game.


It's very well executed, but sometimes... I get into a fight with it, hehe. But I suppose that's me not being careful enough ;)

Great game! love it. 10/10 for style!

Just like before......

The lines help I guess, but the shotty controls on the pieces still make this more fustrating than fun. Just ridiculously agrevating.....

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3.69 / 5.00

Dec 22, 2010
6:14 AM EST
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