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Morphing Shapes

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Hi there, it's me again with a longer shape morphing movie, this time made longer, FBF (Frame By Frame), together with Motion tweens and Shape tweens ;D Hope you enjoy it!

LOTS of thanks to "ForeverJustTonight" For the AWESOME music, Thanks dude, your great!

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Heh. Very entertaining.

I liked this a lot. It's simplistic yet it's got a certain charm that makes it good to watch. It's a little short but, hey, it doesn't matter too much as far as morphing shapes go. Very interesting.

oscar11122 responds:

This one it's lots better than the last movie Had you seen it? (Sorry for my bad english)

Very good

That was a sweet movie

oscar11122 responds:

Thanks ;)

A slight improvement over its predecessor

I consider this to be a slight improvement over your previous animation: Orange Morphing. To start off with, you have taken my advice and done a lot more with morphing and animating shapes thus making it longer, which is good.

However, you could have at least added visual interest to the shapes and background using filters like Drop Shadow.

Nevertheless, although this short animation is a minor improvement - it is still improvement. Keep it up and try not to rush!

oscar11122 responds:

:D Glad you liked it

Not bad


The animation isn't too bad to be honest. It's nice and fluid, and you have used FBF and Tweens effectively in most places.

The main issue I have, is that you have to right click at the beginning of the movie to make it play :/
You may want to fix that.

Also, the background was a strange choice of colour. Try not to use 'too bright' colours, as they can be overpowering when watching flash movies. Use a background that doesn't drag too much attention to itself.

Some of the things I really liked, like the shapes coming out of the blue box. It felt like a magic trick you'd see at a fairground.

Good luck with your next animation :)

Scorpia Studios

oscar11122 responds:

The "Play" Button are the 3 shapes on the top