Castlevania 2: Tiger DEMO

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Tiger handhelds were popular in the 80s. They use to be the only way to play video games without tv. Anyway tiger released a castlevania II: Belmonts Revenge based on the gameboy title. This doesn't really play like the original. The graphics do look like tiger graphics. I think all the buttons do something...anyway the game just keeps repeating the same enemy, maybe i'll make a full version sometime. It's only a demo. There's a grey button labeled 'score' you can press that to see yours. The actionscript seems to have an odd delay so you might get a few secounds of invulnerabilit before you die. I'm going to pretend that was intended and call it 'beserker'. Another cool thing that i could add would be XML score keeping thing. Well, hope you enjoy it and please don't delete it. Just keep it here for hystorical sake. And if someone else thinks they can do a better tiger handheld flash emulation then do it. It would be cool.

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So I love this one and I love the action on this one it's games like this that really take me back to when games were fun you have created something great here

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I hate to say it, but this wasn't good. It had little going on, except for the same thing over and over. I can at least appreciate how it's laid out. I remember back when I had a Game Boy. Still, there is so little to this. It's the same song over and over.

Why do you have to keep on pressing buttons on the game? Just make it so that you can work the keyboard like it! It's not very rewarding. I'm not even sure if I could run out of knives. I can see why this isn't popular.

A little game to kill time but hard to see anything on the screen or buttons its alright though.


Someone actually bothered to make a TIGER castlevania game in flash none the less?

Computers have a mouse,you know?