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Run Whale Run!

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A avoiding skill game!

Avoid those 3 balls, they go faster!
Avoid before they bash you!

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This is almost as fun as dodging balls in some kind of psychadelic barbershop.

Very easy

All you have to do is stay in the corner... wow.

Atleast make a high score thing, but that could get out of control.

You should add some better elements.... and the ball colosion with the wall is WAY to loud in comparison with the music... :(

alessiolol9000 responds:

You found a secret!

What he said

Yeah i either stay in the middle and live for a like 5 seconds, get spawn killed more than on swat in halo, or move only to end up screwing myself over. Sorry dude, but with t he bad graphics, poor game play, and overall lack of surprises, it gets pretty boring pretty fast. 2/10 for effort.

Dub par at best

The game is just bring.
For a game that came out yesterday in 2010, the qualit is horrid. There's nothing to this game
It's just....a whale (no wait, it's a shark) that tries to avoid three balls.
Oh, and that brings me to another point.
The hit detection in this game.
It's horrible. I found myself being hit by the balls when they were not even close to me.
Sorry, but this game is bad.
If this came out in 2007 or 2006, I'd understand the quality, but....no. Not in2010.
Sorry, but these crappy graphics are unacceptable.
And why put in the awesome MM3 stage select remix if it's going to be so damn quiet?
I can barely hear it.
Sorry kid, but this game is just a big mess.
I really hope the 3rd game is better because this is crap, plain and simple.


-Stays in middle-
-Lives 7 seconds-
-Lives 2 seconds-

Yeah, you may want to work on that, buddy...