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DD: Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken

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Author Comments

short animation of double dragon + hokuto no ken. I hope you love it!

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Even if Billy Lee beat Abobo

Yep, Abobo would come back with all the powers he got from Abobo's Big Adventure and obliterate Billy Lee and his brother as revenge, he'll simply do so along with his son Aboboy and reign victorious.

Either way, still a short but sweet flash movie, Abobo will have his revenge, woot.


none stop pwning

Could be longer

lol ok i must admit this did give me a funny laugh here, the {SOUND/FX} was good, and the old sprites along with the action was funny aswell, the ending was great too, but i believe you could have done more with it including making it longer, because it was short and just the few scenes but it did give me a short laugh so notbad there at all, just add to it make it go into othere scenes maybe some other characters from the game or something but please do try and make it more longer. maybe even add it to other shorts so there a number of short shorts in one flash, but anyways it was a decent little flash and i got a good laugh out of it, so nice effort.

I stated that you could ad more scenes, and more characters also making it longer and or adding it to some sorta flash that has other shorts in it, just an idea though

A short but yet amusing flash here, does need more but it does have some decent effort.



Hyakuretsuken FTW