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Sketchy Ted Game Concept

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Sketchy Ted was a game that was similar to Canabalt but with a unique "Twist" based on twisting the actual screen. Will this game actually get made some day? Maybe. I'm not honestly sure.


It's... a decent try... kinda... It looks like it has great potential, but there are a few key problems with it at the moment, in my opinion. For starters, please can you put in a mute button? I know its only short, but after about 30 seconds of that annoying, repetetive music, I reeaaally wan to punch something. Also, you need to work on the drawings a bit more, and maybe add a backstory of why Tedneeds to walk or add different game modes or hazards. This would generally give people more incentive to play it - eg to find out the ending - and would, I dont know, persuade more people to buy it. I would normally rrate something like this a 1 or 1.5, butt I'm giving this the extra marks because it could be seriously brilliant with a littlework. P.S - Sorry if theres any spelling mistakes or typos, but some buttons on my keyboard stick :/


As a game this looks fun. Why dont you try to make it into a flash game. Nice graphics and drawings.


There's two "t"s in Button. I'm talking about when your tutorial there said, press the pause "buton"

This wasn't entertaing, that's the reason for the low score, but the game looks like it may be fun. Hope you release it soon.

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2.82 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2010
2:14 PM EST