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Trying to Make Music

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The sad thing is, most of this wasn't staged. My sister and I are actually like this.



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lol so funny

The story is very funny especially the character's emotions, it is drawn in a hilarious way. I don't if it is meant for the voice to sound like that through the mike, since you are animating a character video recording himself and his music or is the mike simply just not as good at voice recording in real life.

Oh my God! I have the same reaction when I'm drawing and stuff! Catchy tune, by the way!

Man, I love Sari. She's so cyuuuute!! =D
Anyway, I like this animation, but... the sound quality is TERRIBLE... especially at the beginning. I know your newer stuff is better, but I wish you could go back and re-record this or something. I think it'd be worth it.

my favortie part was when dave was playing his music and....-WINDOWS THEME SONG SUPER LOUD...SARI!!!!! that was funny. its always the little sister. XD