The Guardian Chapter 2

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Author Comments

-Please forgive me. It will need a second to load. Its a large file size.
-Also if it begins to lag you can just restart and it should fix the issue.
-Fixed the a button glitch. Let me know if this continues
-New Uploaded fix. Let me know if you lose save data and I will tell you how to get it back.
- We will have the music uploaded here shortly. Links will be up for those who want to hear it.
- Medals are coming soon!

A foul demon has overtaken the island of Reverie and enslaved its villagers in a treacherous nightmare prison. When all hope seems lost a unsuspecting hero is called from his home and must travel vast oceans and collect the legendary Lantern Of Nightmare fragments to save them.

Walk through link is located in the game.
Press G while playing to open the link.

-Options can be adjusted from item screen. Press space and navigate at the top by pressing the A key.
-Move - Keys
-Space - Open / Close Item Screen
-A - Talk/Read/Proceed Test/ Pick up items/ put sword up
-S - Use sword/take out sword
-D - Use Equipped Items
-For sponsors: Contact me if you wish to purchase a site lock.

Written, Directed and Coded By- Matt Vile (Ying Yang Studios)
Art, Animation and additional help- Berzerk Studios
Sound Effects- Zstriefel
Music- Jorma Poyer (Deflektor)
Beta Testing - Berzerk Studios/ YingYangStudios
Sponsored By - Nextplay.com

-Original and Engaging Storyline
-Vast and Full of Life World
-3 Game Slot Save System
-Easy and fun real time battle system
-Day/Night System
-Weather System (Rain)
-13 Huge Islands To Explore
-Beautiful Cut scene Artwork
-4 Lengthy Dungeons That are full of Puzzles and Monsters
-4 Unique Bosses
-A game full of puzzles and amazing battles
-20 Unique Enemies
-Final Boss Contains 4 Unique Forms
-4 Sets of Armor You can buy/upgrade
-4 Swords
-4 Shields
-7 Max Heart upgrades, which can be upgraded through the story quests or through side quests.
-Tons of Extra side quests that will help you acquire new swords, shields, armor, special items or increase your max health.
-Tons Of Npc's that will make the game feel more like a world and help you along the way.
-A game that rivals most console games content and length wise
-Original Sounds and Music created specifically for this game.

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Once I open the new tab onto that website, every key now takes me there. So not had chance to play or test.

Boss fights usually devolve into fighting the control lag, and having it walk you straight into the opponent. Precision positioning and good reflexes are of no use because of the lag. It's a fight about lucky shots and stocking potions.

At a guess, the boss & monster routine has a memory leak and the flash engine garbage collection behaves poorly with this, causing the lag. The author suggests saving and reloading to fix the lag, but this "fix" only lasts a few seconds, a minute at best. It also restarts battles in while losing the spent health potions.

I'd give it a 5 stars if the author had not given up on fixing the bugs. As is, it's hardly playable.

When you hit for the guide, it makes all the buttons and actions to cause the guide to open up on you and makes the game freeze up. :(

Could have been great game, had not been the glitch/bug towards the end, and I am not talking the lag that happens in dungeons, which btw is as stated by author fixed by restart from save point by going back to menu.
But the bug I am pointing out to I see some previous reviewers had faced too that means its consistent. It occurs at the hanging nightmare prison, even though u cut him down with crossbow but u find that you don't have any keys even though the nightmare of the victim you free before the hanging prison guy had loads of keys given but non are carried forward unlike before. So basically you will be stuck with the game at such crucial time after spending so much time on the game or it becomes wasting so much time because of the glitch, Hope it is fixed soon, cause this game was turning out to be so much better than 1st. Still I am giving it 2.5 stars despite the bug cause otherwise game was excellent in its genre.

Dude screw this! It's too laggy causing me to get stuck in one place and it's already my 6th attempt to restart!!!

Credits & Info

3.95 / 5.00

Dec 9, 2010
1:19 AM EST
Adventure - RPG