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Reviews for "The Guardian Chapter 2"

Enjoyed it.

The gameplay is smooth, fast paced, and the graphics are AWESOME.

One criticism I have is that this game is shamelessly WAY TOO much like zelda. I can let go of a few similarities but the paralells between this game and a link to the past are shameless.

Other than that this game raises the bar for quality of a game for all flash games. I look foreward to seeing more!

UknownXL responds:

Thanks for the review! We will definitely differentiate it more in chapter 3.


I highly enjoyed this. Great feeling. Didn't feel sluggish. Great graphics. I noticed though that sometimes I had to roll into a villager and press A in order for them to talk. Other then that great job.

Fuckin A man

Hell yea man, great game total Zelda nostalgia its like playin old NES zelda on new school console. This is bad ass and if u can get past any legal issues u might incur i would be throwin this thing on Xbox Live for purchase like Super Meat Boy nad many other newgrounds titles

UknownXL responds:

Its definitely something I have been thinking about. i don't think I would run into any actual legal problems since I have not taken anything directly from the game.

Ooh yea!

Really good game, dude. I really enjoyed playing this, and will definitely be back to finish. I feel this was a MAJOR improvement from chapter 1, which I played just before this one. Graphics, controls, just about everything. I hated always having to switch to the mouse just to equip and use my sword. Also, this one looks to be a helluva lot longer, as well. Really good job with this, brochacho.

UknownXL responds:

Its alot longer. Im glad you enjoyed it.

hammer time

enjoying the game greatly, however was wondering how many times I have to hammer the mole...I'm at about 150 now and not making any progress

UknownXL responds:

You need to hit him with the sword after stunning him with the hammer.