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The Story of a Bullet

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I've been working on this for quite awhile, and I'm sadglad to say that it's finally done. I initially started working on TSOAB as animation practice bound by narrative to play a bit more with the classical sense of the word "tweening," but it's also developed into a great deal of interaction between myself and characters I feel I can call my own.

So have fun watching and let me know what you think! I accept feedback in the form of criticism, praise, or death threats only. Everyone was harmed in the making of this film. Run time: approx. 8 minutes!

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i was expecting

I was expecting to see a shot for shot remake of the beggining of Lord Of War. i was partially dissipointed when i realized it wasnt, but that in mind i was extrordanarily glad it wasnt.
just by watching this single animation you can tell how emeansly you got better at flash while doing this. because towards the begining everything was bland and very little movement. it was a little slow like someone else said , but again at the start. the entire story being told by almost completly no voice except gasps and screams, was a nice touch.
overall the animation was good, but i doubt i wil ever watch it again, for personal taste reasons mostly but also because watching it again would not benefit me in any way to understand the story.

scartheatre responds:

Haha! Really, really, REALLY good call. As I said in the description, this started out as practice for classical tweening as well as to find out how I would even work on something this big. I've seen this too many times to be able to comment on my Flash skills, but I know that my work habits have developed tremendously and that I'll be able to focus much more on things other than "how do I do this!?". Also glad that you appreciated the lack of dialogue. It wasn't that I consciously didn't want to have words - this is just how the story was told.

Thanks a lot for your review! Through some of these I've been able to determine what people like and what I like, so I hear you in that it just may not be your thing :P Glad you enjoyed what you did, though!

seeing it finished

I personally love odd videos and this one takes the cake for sure especially when it comes to character design, also i couldn't help but think of invader zim when it came to the atmosphere of the city and the residents lol

i love the idea

keep them coming!

scartheatre responds:

Tanks dawg!

Good Movie

The movie was good but it was a little slow. animation needed a little more work but it was a good idea.

no doubt good but...

everything was just too abstract for me.

very cool

It was a really good animation, it went smoothly the whole time and i easily got carried away, i would like to know where i could find the ending song tough, really like it.

scartheatre responds:

Thanks a lot man! I've actually heard that that song is really hard to find, but I got it (and heard it) by playing the indie game Space Funeral. If you download the game, the track comes with it, so there's always that :P

http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/rp g/space-funeral/3492/

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4.23 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2010
4:48 PM EST