World of Scribblecraft 3

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~WoW Parody~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As always I warn you.

This one came out a little rushed. Blizzard dropped the Cataclysm patch right as I finished the voice work for this movie so it might have came out better if that did not happen.

New WoW expan? Pffff. The games dead and has terrible graphics, yea yea. Who would buy it? Not I. Why? I will tell you why you should or should not invest your time into this new game on the rise this December 7th.

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jay leno dragon

*insert long periods of laughing after he said that here* nice man, nice. you really described blizzard spot on

i agree with joeartguy

but i still liked it a few oneliners her n there so all in all it was good

Not actually a parody

Actually a review. And, actually not tremendously interesting. You could have put in a lot more content by speeding it up and, well, just making it more interesting. Zero Punctuation is great with very simple graphics, but well used.

Plus, the new content has been unexpectedly fun -- wholly unexpectedly. It's like they actually tried, and often succeeded, and the real expansion isn't even released yet. So this plays like a review of old 2.0-3.0 content, not the content you purport to be reviewing.

Basic work. You could have done far better.

It wasn't so bad

You were right about a few things wich were funny too, like how an enemy 300 times the size of you can't just step on you or something. I used to play WoW some years ago (Before the first expansion) and I don't plan to start again. But come on, some things are just clich├ęs, like that if you play it you won't do things for school or eat or stuff like that. Everything was the same for me. Still, I rated 5 because I want protection points :3

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3.83 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2010
1:19 AM EST