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Keira Goes the Distance

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Author Comments

EDIT: In case anyone wonders why it looks like I didn't finish coloring some stuff, the idea is that the city is in color, but outside of it isn't. Keira doesn't know where he belongs, so the non-color thing is kind of metaphorical. Supposedly, when he goes back into the city with Lot, he'll be in color again b/c Lot is his "home" in a way. No one really knows about my OCs or the web comic I'm making so it'd be difficult for one to know this way of thinking unless I say it straight out, lol.

An animation featuring my OCs, Keira and Lot. It's finally finished! :) Nothing too special or particularly cleaned up, but I had fun making it. I really just wanted to see what my characters looked like animated. <3

I did it to the song "Go the Distance" from disney's Hercules b/c Keira is a lot like him and that's probably the voice he'd have IRL 'n' stuff. :T





Yeah I wanted a deep manly voice, and "Ryan", the online text-to-speech program helped me out a bit... except he sounds like a robot when saying Keira's name. The "Let's go" part sounds convincing tho. I know I could get one of my guy friends to do the voice acting, but after I showed my friend this animation she burst out laughing at Lot's voice and told me to freaking keep it like that. I'M PERSONALLY GLAD I DID B/C IT IS HILARIOUS INDEED.

Also yeah, Lot walks funny, but I ain't changin' it.


~Adobe Flash CS3
~"Go the Distance" sang by Robert Barts in Disney's Hercules
~Keira + Lot (c) Black Matter (c) MidoriEyes
~art and animation by MidoriEyes

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I guess...

Don't be lazy? That's about the best advice I can offer. It seems from your author's comments that you know what your flaws are, you just choose not to change them. Your score is going to suffer for that but hey, like you said, you really just wanted to see them animated. Also, the colored flashbackish picture things really felt out of place with the lines-only rest of the animation. While I would have preferred to see the whole thing colored, having only bits and pieces of it colored is distracting and messy looking. In the future you should go all or nothing. To be honest though, the voice didn't really bother me or make me laugh, it just seemed like a voice. I didn't really catch it was a robot until I read your comments (which I did after viewing the flash). Good luck in future projects, always strive to improve!

MidoriEyes responds:

Thanks for critiquing! I'm glad the voice sounded like a voice, lol. And yes, I could've fully colored it, and that's what a lot of people say about most of my animations, but coloring isn't something I really want to focus on yet. (I did color some of the flashback stuff, but that was b/c they were still frames and easy to color so I just went for it, but I can understand how you'd see that as lazy or tacky.) For now, I'm doing mostly line work so that I can get better at simple animation (it's what I've been learning in class, somewhat.) It sounds like an excuse, but when I color everything it kind of covers up the line work I did and people can't see what needs to be improved or changed in that aspect. Everything I'm doing right now is kind of storyboard-ish, a precursor to animations I'll be putting more effort into in the future. I'm so glad you read my description though and saw that I am aware of my own flaws. :) Some people just jump all over me about not doing this or that and act like I don't know what I'm doing.


this was pretty good, fo shizzle. the art was really good, if you just took the extra effort to color everything in your future animations, im sure they will turn out really well because you definitely have the art and animation talent


very good love to see more.

Very Very nice

Great lighting effects, fantastic lipsync and beautiful artwork. I think you'll be on my watch list from now on. Thanks for sharing.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2010
1:39 AM EST
Music Video