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Hank the Space Troll

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Daily 8th place? Better than nothing! Thanks for accepting a flash submission that wasn't fully animated. I won't force it one you again though. We've got future plans for the characters but rest assured they'll be fully animated.

Originally intended as a submission for RaNaeNae's cancelled Story Book Collab, Frakenbourrough decided to finish our piece knowing it wouldn't have the benefit of standing side-by-side with more notable Newgrounds artists. After dragging our feet for the better part of a year, we are now proud to bring you this story of adventure, intrigue and prostate cancer. You're welcome.

Oh and there's an easter egg on the last page.


mmmeeehhhh its a o.k.

Really good!

I found it very creative. The magazine format with narrative really gives it a sense of authenticity, like it really was one of those sci-fi mags of the old days. The voice over could be better, not that it's bad, it just needed to be sharper, sometimes it's possible to realize its someone talking on a microphone. The narrator was pretty funny though his voice got pretty low in comparison to the other voices.
All in all, funny story with funny pics. Could also be longer. Maybe add some color next time?

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BlackCaliber responds:

Thanks for the critique. Glad you could appreciate the nuances. I know my voice acting could use a little work. I think the other two did great though. I admit, we didn't have the best mics. I tried masking it as best I could but I don't know much about sound editing. If you saw the easter egg on the last page you'll see I'm going to add color in the sequel and it'll be fully animated. Great review, man.

love the narration

The narrators voice was seriously cracking me up, some great voice acting there!

Overall good work

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BlackCaliber responds:

Yeah, he got that "sci-fi radio drama" sound down tight. Thanks brotha!


How does Hank get back? Space-type Odyssey!

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BlackCaliber responds:

Huh. Never thought about that. You'll have to ask the writer! Then again Larrando's "maaagic!"


Why not make this into a movie. You've got the story line. Take is to the next level.

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BlackCaliber responds:

We're one step ahead of you. The writer and I plan to make sequels. Now that I've got my bitchin' Wacom tablet, the next one is definitely going to be animated. Thanks for the review!

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4.13 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2010
4:01 PM EST