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A short comissioned piece i did for Tomska of Cakebomb.co.uk

I wanted to try a different animation style this time around and i think it worked out quite well. Also was my first proper time animating to sound instead of vice versa, that'll take time to get used to.

*Edit* Cheers for the front page Newgrounds~

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Pretty sure I saw this the week this was released. Still come back every now and again to relive all the glory that this short little masterpiece offers.

Nice movie

So this was pretty cool, you have a decent "MOVIE" here it was really short though the different "VIEW-SHOTS" was cool and made this really look like a real movie, but in the end I think this could be much longer but I do enjoy this for the nice visual effects and such.

in the end I think this could be much longer


haha that ending lol funny as hell lol that guy got owned lol tea bagg extreme hahaha.

hahaha oh shit, reminds me of the old days playing Perfect Dark Zero with my best mate, we would hunt each other down just to t-bag, sometimes ended up in a fist fight but all funny shit in hindsight XD

Must epicly kill everyone to....TEABAG!