Reviews for "W.A.R"

Yes! I knew it!

The moment I see him running towards his dead foe, I just knew he was going to do a warzone t-bag. Thank you for this rendition. Great stuff as usual.

Just one thing. I've seen your other flashes on NG, all of which are great, and seem to have an overarcing storyline, but it's all so disjointed, I don't fully get the story. Have you made other flashes/comics/whatever that fill in the huge gaps between your flashes here on NG? It's been bugging me for a while.


Teabagging for the win my friends.
We are all guilty of it.

I HAD ti write a review for this..

i was expecting something serious at first. I was HOWLING by the end of it.
great animation, super fluent. i've favourited this video and also you as an artist.
5/5, 10/10-- you earned it!

effin brilliant.


T-bagged bitch.

Owned him so hard you had to race across the battlefield owning enemy's just to tap crouch over his dead rag dolled corpse. GG BRAH UMAD?