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MKU 3: Ressurection

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Author Comments

Scorpion overpowers Etrigan, the Gatekeeper for the 1st Level Underworld, and is granted passage back to the world of the living with the knowledge of an ultimate betrayal.
Shan Tsung, after being suckered by believing a Mystic Box contained his youth, was killed by Scorpion upon his ressurection. Tsung now resides in a solitary level of the underworld plotting a way out.
Eight months after the battle with Scorpion, Jago assisted by Kung Lao continues the search for his sister who he believes Scorpion killed. With the absence of Raiden presiding as guardian of the Earth, the Seikatsu Balance is no longer level. Sensing this, Jago's search is put on hold as he and Kung Lao race to the Temple of the Elder Gods but not before running into an old friend....


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It just hit me but... did you predict scorpion's ending in injustice gods among us? Cause it's scorpion fighting a dc hellish character and it's trigon and he wins. This animation is really inspiring to watch. Please finish this series i know its been years.. but I would Love to see this end.

Thank you for the nostalgia and inspiration.

That sure was one of the awesomest videos i ever watched, also i have a question, from what game the songs are?

smoothuser responds:

I appreciate your appreciation. As for the songs, man I wish I could tell you. It's been some years lol. My computer crashed and I had to get a new one. I transferred everything I could from my external hard drive but my new computer isn't nearly as powerful.

Very good progress from the last 2 series. But there are some things that you can still improve on.
1. Too much story, too little action. Even though there was plenty of fights, the length of them seem rather short compared to your previous movies. The problem is that you focused on too many characters and had to cut short on other sequences. This could've easily been two separate movies in terms of storyline covered.
2.The music is a bit off. I like Naruto as much as the next guy, but I don't think the OST fits the setting, but that is a personal thing and not your fault. However the other problem is that your music volume is either too high or the bitrate is too low. I hear a lot of clipped sound, especially at the end (speaking of the bgm only ofc).
3.You really should use a more MK-like font next time instead of an Italic Bold Arial, the letters are very out of place. Color is fine, but adding a bit of a dropshadow wouldn't hurt.
4.While I didn't dislike the backgrounds (which were very well layered and dynamic), a more modern high-res render would really help out with your stage design. Not only will the character sprites pop out more and be more recognizable, but it will also add a more legit atmosphere. They get the job done as it is don't get me wrong, but it's easy to lose a sprite character in the sprite background.

2 and 3 are minor problems, my real gripe is the fighting/story ratio. Here's some good stuff about it:

Dialog (apart from a typo here and there) was surprisingly good, I was especially pleased with Noob's conversation, made me lol.
The action is still your strongest point, even though I said there was too little of it, whatever was there is very well executed. Baraka vs Scorpion was awesome...but short :(
And of course, the character portraits are a major improvement from...well, you know :P

Anyway, TLDR is that while you did improve on many aspects, focusing on the story kind of bogged down the fighting, but nevertheless it was enjoyable. 7.8/10 from me.

smoothuser responds:

Haha a very detailed, observant, and intelligent critique. I appreciate that very much. Please watch my other videos and do the same. I will take in consideration the suggestions you provided. Thanks again. Much appreciated!

it's good,but the dialog is totally ridiculous.
Action 10/10
Music 10/10

smoothuser responds:

Lol thanks.

That's a bullshit. Lol

smoothuser responds:

Lmao big fan!

Credits & Info

3.34 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2010
6:22 PM EST