The Infinite Ocean

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I prefer not to say too much about the game, as discovering the details for yourself is part of the experience. My personal thoughts about the game and its history are in the afterword, but interpreting its meaning is up to you. Everything in the game is there for a reason.

The Infinite Ocean is a Myst-style point & click adventure game. It's fairly big for a flash game, and has a lot of story, so to enjoy it you need to take your time.

You interact with the environment by left-clicking.
To turn left or right, move your mouse to the edge of the room and click on the arrow that appears.
The main menu appears at the top of the screen when you move your mouse there.
For more detailed information, read the Instructions/Help screen in the game. (Highly recommended!)


read everything. think. take it all in. that's the only way to appreciate this game to its full extent. I still don't quite understand it but I'm sure a few more times through I will get some more of a grasp to the meaning(s).

the music is fitting, and gives an odd atmosphere, the graphics are superb, and most of all I LOVE the password solving. Took me a bit but then I understood how to work everything.

Thank you for creating and sharing this beautiful piece of art.

Good, but in the beginning it made no sense whatsoever. I found the (near) ending intriguing when I read about the machine's thoughts. All-in-all very good.


The only thing keeping this from a 10 rating is how confusing the rooms could be. Many times I was not aware I had opened up an area, or that I had not seen a particular wall before. I ended up backtracking quite a lot, and it was also annoying that entries you had read did not stay grayed out when you left the screen.

Other than that this is an amazing and thought-provoking game, and a very real and possible future for us. Our brains are finite-they are a definitive mass and thus by definition are limited. There is absolutely no reason, to my reckoning why a being of circuitry cannot exactly mimic mental processes (and indeed do a better job of it than us), ergo, AI.

Thank you for this.

Surprisingly good.

At first I wasn't sure what to think of this game, I love this art game movement and I've been playing quite a few whenever an interesting one pops up, but I've also noticed a lot of people making vague and minimalistic games with "cool quotes" here and there but with no real meaning.

I was skeptical when I just started the game and beginning to get bored after reading a lot of text that seemed unrelated to anything, but once the actual story started to get rolling I became more and more interested in the story. In fact, some of the opinions expressed by the characters gave me a lot of food for thought.

The whole end of the world thing and nuclear bombs weapons etc. is rather an overused concept for art games, but your execution was very good in terms of exploring the philosophical and human aspects of it, as well as other miscellaneous dabbles in human nature and beauty.

Overall this was a very thought provoking game and while it may not suit the tastes of those who do not like abstract games as well lots of text, I found it very worthwhile.

One of the best pieces of art ever

There's too much to praise and the game is just too damn complex to review like this.

Obviously it's not for everyone's taste; it isn't necessarily fun, it's not casual at all. The greatness of the game is found partly in the atmosphere it creates, but most of the greatness is in the text. And there's a LOT of text, for a short flash game at least. So there, if you hate reading, and hate ambiguous philosophical matters, you may just get bored. But if you're the right person, you will find yourself deeply engaged with the story and its themes. I played it months ago, and I can sincerily say that, on the long run, it really affected me.

One of the best games ever made.

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4.33 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2010
8:59 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click