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TFM Meep Song

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Author Comments

I was thinking earlier today while playing transformice: "Hey. A meep song would be pretty cool."

Another mouse said: "DO IT."

So I did.


The quality is poor, but I felt like trying something else with my song. Mainly, trying to splice about four parts together. So this is what high-pitched 2-harmonies, an empty Hawaiian Punch container, and my crappy voice sound like put together. Yep.

I swear, I was thinking Super Mario World when I was singing this.

Crits. Always.

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meep meep indeed

thats so weird

its sounds like

im som lazy dude who eats chinese food


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meep meep herpaderp

Meep Invasion

Even though this is more of a slideshow than a video I really enjoyed it. Simple thing: a bunch of people named meep in some different way take over room 1 and it's a mouse party. Mod freaks out and his head explodes(I sort of wish should happen) and the meep party continues. It is very entertaining the way you made this video, gj dude :D.

Credits & Info

4.84 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2010
9:53 PM EST