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Perpetual Transformation

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***NEW VERSION*** ...maybe.
-Two exciting modes!!!
| Regular Mode: Animation and SFX!!!
| Party Mode: Animation, SFX, Graphics and Music!!!!!! WAY COOL!!!
| Click anywhere on screen to return to main!!!

Just killing some time with my horrible, disgusting, ancient webcam. The picture is awful, the lighting horrendous and I didn't have any string or helping hands... er... handy. I think it turned out alight for not using onion skins or a stop motion program such as dragonstop.

"Sideswipe caught a virus from some Decepticon hussy because he didn't encapsulate his
blaster before entry. He's stuck in a state of perpetual transformation until his prescription for
Voltrex arrives."

(Audio notes: I modified Torkelson's Transformer Sound 1)

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good but pointless video

Sound wave

superior, autobots inferior <3 hugs and love

not bad

not bad at all


Not bad for a poorly lit loop. Still, anything is improved with a transformer in it. :)